CA Equity Performance and Improvement Program (CEPIP)

The CEPIP is a two-year grant program from the California Department of Education to promote equity for disadvantaged student populations in California schools. As a lead agency, Santa Clara County Office of Education will:

  • Develop new resources and activities.
  • Disseminate information on effective equity practices.
  • Develop and provide trainings, conferences, and workshops.
  • Work with partnering LEAs and schools and their targeted student population.
    • Monterey County Office of Education
    • San Benito County Office of Education
    • Santa Clara County Office of Education
    • Santa Cruz County Office of Education
    • Alum Rock Union Elementary School District
    • Franklin-McKinley School District
    • Hollister School District
    • Morgan Hill Unified School District
    • Oak Grove Elementary School District
    • Orchard Elementary School District
    • Salinas City Elementary School District
    • Santa Clara Unified School District
    • Soledad Unified School District
Front cover of equity resources


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